Not your Grandma’s Chicken Pot pie

This chicken pie sounds so good I need to save it to my blog in case it gets lost amongst my favourites. It is certainly a recipe that I will make. Thanks ‘Mrs’s for letting me reblog 🙂

mrs. and the misc.


So the last couple days its been on and off rain, here in Dallas. I personally prefer the weather change to sunshine, but am probably in the select few. Pulling on my green Chameau’s, I ventured over to the grocery store to buy: butter & chicken broth for this amazing homemade pot pie recipe I found in a 2012 Southern Living. (I’d love to say the recipe has “been in the family”, but I’m all about giving cred’s where they belong). Although the original recipe feeds up to 8 people, I have cut most ingredients in half, and added additional spices where needed, thus making it feed 4-5. Your family, or just the two of you, will LOVE this. Make sure and keep leftovers for the next nights dinner!

HANDS on time: 50 minutes. TOTAL time: 1 hr. 30 minutes

First Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie Filling.

The second: Homemade…

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